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Why use All Safe Storage?

Hi, I’m John Cardis, owner of All Safe Storage in Panmure.

People often ask me How safe is storage? and I always give them the same answer, ‘It’s safer than houses!’

All our storage units are clean, dry, Gib-lined and free of mould and mildew, meaning your possessions stay in top condition while in storage – better than they would at home!

john2And safer too because our units are individually alarmed and monitored with our entire site secured by high fences. We also have someone living on site.

After nearly 20 years in business, we’ve never had a security incident of any kind – and that’s a record that we intend to keep!

How safe is storage? At All Safe, it’s safer than houses!

About our site

ALL SAFE STORAGE has been purpose-built to ensure your goods are protected.

Our security has never been breached.

There are different qualities of storage. What looks good on the surface is often not good for your furniture. Modern storage units are just metal boxes with a roller door and they do not have a good performance record when it comes to mould, mildew and condensation. Ventilation is not necessarily the answer.

ALL SAFE STORAGE units are all Gib-board lined. This absorbs the moisture which evaporates from mattresses, lounge suites and fabric covered dining chairs when they are not being used.

We can advise on what to do and what not to do when storing your valuable possessions. Our record of ‘not one complaint’ relating to mould, mildew or condensation speaks for itself.

Your possessions will leave as good as they arrived.


All Safe Storage features…

  • Access 6am-9pm, seven days

  • Safety and Security

  • Prices start from $55/month

  • Short- or long-term residential and commercial storage

  • Parking for cars, boats, mobile homes and caravans

  • Individually alarmed

  • Insurance approved

  • Big and small units

  • Powered workshops

  • Fully weatherproof