All Safe Storage Services

house_movingAll Safe Storage services

Moving Home?

House sold and nowhere to go? Whether you’re building, renovating or moving, we can help bring your blood pressure down.

We have quality storage where you can rest assured, your goods will remain in as good condition as on arrival, no matter how long you are here.small-business

Small business operators

We have powered mini workshops where you can store surplus equipment, extra stock for reps or as a base from which you can work.

Tradesmen and artisans

electricianFrom builders, plumbers and electricians to craftsmen and artists…  store tools, materials and equipment, or have a dedicated, specialised space in which to work.

Access is from 6am- 9pm, seven days a week, but can be made available 24 hours by arrangement.


All your storage needs…

pile-of-boxesProfessional people with records and documents for safe keeping, travellers going overseas to work, students heading home for the holidays, car and boat enthusiasts.

You name it, we’ve got it in storage and it’s ALL SAFE.

Storage starting from $55 a month