Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Whether you’re moving house, renovating or a sentimental squirrel that can’t bear to throw anything away, ALL SAFE STORAGE has the answer to your storage needs.

Please use the following information to answer any questions you may have, and feel free to contact us for more information.

  1. How long do I have to sign up for?

    We offer month-to-month leases and also offer savings for long-term customers. We ask you to give us two-week’s notice of your intention to vacate, which gives us a chance to let your unit to someone else.

  2. When can I access my unit?

    You can access your unit seven days a week between 6am and 9pm. Access can be available 24 hours by arrangement. This is ideal if you are running a business and need to get stock or tools.

  3. What sizes do you have?

    All Safe Storage offers 25 different storage options, so we can accommodate anything from a few boxes to a house-lot of furniture, a container of stock, or a car or boat. Please visit our storage sizes page.

  4. How much do they cost?

    We have 11 different pricing brackets for our various storage options and are happy to assist you in choosing the right storage option and pricing for your needs. Please visit our storage prices page for more or contact us here.

  5. How do I calculate how much storage space to rent?

    Finding the right unit is an important task and we’re happy to assist with this process.

    Give us a call and by asking a few simple questions we can tell you the size you will need. Don’t get stuck with a space that is too small and don’t pay for space you don’t need.

    Broadly speaking, however, the following table of average cubic sizes may be of use. We also have a simple space calculator.


    Size (cubic metres)

    Bed (double, incl mattress) 1.2cu/m
    Bed (single, incl mattress) 0.6cu/m
    Sofa (three-seater) 1.5cu/m
    Fridge 1cu/m
    Washing machine 0.6cu/m
    Bookshelf 0.5cu/m
    Table 1cu/m
    Filing cabinet 0.5cu/m
    Barbecue 0.75cu/m
    Lawnmower 0.3cu/m
    Standard carton 0.15cu/m
    Wine carton 0.1cu/m
  6. Can I purchase boxes and packing supplies at your facilities?

    No, but we can recommend a range of affordable options in our local community.

  7. What can I store in my unit?

    Generally speaking, ‘if it fits, you can store it!’, though for legal and ‘health and safety’ reasons, we don’t allow fresh food, chemicals, flammable substances, explosives, firearms or illegal items.

  8. How do I book a unit?

    If you already know the size you’re seeking, contact us by phone or email and we can reserve your unit today. If you’d like to discuss size and pricing options first, please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

  9. How soon can I move in?

    Today, if we have a unit available.

  10. Is there a limit on how long I can store my possessions?

    No. Your storage agreement will extend automatically each month, until you choose to terminate it.

  11. How secure are All Safe Storage units?

    Very! Each of our units is individually alarmed and monitored (except for a few smaller units which are housed inside a larger unit, which is alarmed). In addition, there are high electric fences where necessary. There is also someone living on site.

    Under the present ownership and management (since 1994), we have not had a single security incident of any sort – a record of which we are very proud and intend to keep. Visit our security page to find out more.

  12. Is insurance included?

    The contents of your storage unit are not automatically insured. However, our security is such that all the main insurers approve our facility. Please contact your insurer to find out more and also feel free to contact us if your have any insurance-related queries.

  13. Can anyone else access my storage unit?

    No. You are the only one who has a key to your unit.

  14. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, cheque, internet banking and automatic payments.

  15. Will I receive invoices?

    We can email or post you an invoice if you would like one.

  16. How much notice is required when I move out?

    We require at least 14 days’ notice and written confirmation that you are terminating your agreement. Any unused rent will be refunded. This gives us a chance to let your unit to someone else.

  17. What paperwork is involved?

    You must sign our storage agreement when you move in. This is a legally binding document which outlines the terms and conditions of your occupancy.